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Sunday, January 16, 2011

First bitcoins ever spent

Bitcoin forum user ribuck asked What is the earliest block whose generate coins have been spent?

The first expenditure of generated bitcoins occurred in block 170 at 2009-01-12 03:30:25 UTC, from address 12cbQLTFMXRnSzktFkuoG3eHoMeFtpTu3S.  These coins were generated in block 9 at 2009-01-09 03:54:39 UTC.

I'm working on extracting more interesting stats from the raw data, I just have to cleanup the code a little bit so I can iterate quicker.  Watch this space for more...


  1. I'm curious how you are accessing the raw data? Could you post some info on how you are accessing it?


  2. This was a transfer from Satoshi to me during the early testing of Bitcoin.