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Friday, January 28, 2011

Bitcoin transactions per day and other stats

As promised earlier I've pulled together some graphs showing the level of bitcoin transaction activity up to and including 27/1/2011.

The first graph shows number of bitcoin transactions per day (not including block generation), along with the total value per day.

The second graph shows the number of blocks per day contain transactions paying fees, along with the total value of fees paid per day.  It's interesting to see that since the first bitcoins were spent over two years ago that the total paid out in transaction fees is 51.06611961 - tiny compared to the number of coins currently in circulation.

The graphs are presented using the Google charts API and allow you to zoom in on different sections of the graphs.

Thanks to Gavin Adresen for requesting these stats.

Graph goes here - Number and value of transactions per day

Graph goes here - Number and value of blocks with transaction fees


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  2. I'd like to see the same chart (value of the transactions per day) except converted to the USD exchange rate each day.

  3. can you update that with the most recent data? It would be interesting to see the transactions during the crash ....

  4. Sure, here you go: